Today’s Journey Tarot June 2022 Forecast

ARIES – When someone wrongs you, for whatever reason, it rarely has to do with you. Usually they are enacting their own unhappiness. It is not necessary to repay in kind. The Universe always takes care of that through karma, and cause and effect works for everybody, including you trying to settle of score.

TAURUS – Whatever you focus on manifests. It may be time for a change in attitude or perception, if you are looking to make changes. It is possible to control your thoughts and definitely your actions to manifest the life you want.

GEMINI – Your world may seem out of balance this month, but it is not a permanent condition. Try to remember that we all have good times and bad times. They usually balance out, but we tend to feel the bad ones most. Things will change.

CANCER – When something is gone, something else always takes its place. We are never left without. Sometimes we have to be patient. Sometimes we have to open up to new possibilities in order to recognize something new when it arrives.

LEO – Focus is on relationships this month. We often neglect those we love without realizing it. Pay attention to another’s needs as much as possible. The rewards will be worth the effort. Sharing yourself leads to receiving more from others.

VIRGO – Unexpected challenges occur. Keep your head and do what is necessary to solve issues without emotional upheaval. That is sometimes difficult to do without help. There is no shame in asking for help when it is needed. We are all here to help one another.

LIBRA – You get what you want by believing in yourself and letting go of doubt and especially fear. Fear draws to us the very thing we are afraid of. Build yourself up with a new interest, a new look or just by realizing you are deserving.

SCORPIO – Giving to others makes us feel better. It ensures we receive back and for a while, it takes our mind off of our own problems. It is a win/win activity and there are endless ways to give and endless people/animals/environmental needs.

SAGITTARIUS – Do not limit your possibilities. You can do anything you set your mind to. It may take some time, so try not to delete all of your ideas and energy in a short burst of creativity. Plan and accomplish step by step.

CAPRICORN – Believe in your dreams. You have them for a reason. Inspiration. Even if they don’t happen exactly as you envision (things rarely do), they are leading you to a place where you can be content and build a life you want.

AQUARIUS – Do what motivates you. We have all lived with disappointment and loss for a long time and it is time to remember what it feels like to be unencumbered and focus on possibilities instead of restrictions. Get out there (safely).

PISCES – There is a matter that needs to be in your control. Taking on the responsibility may seem a bit daunting, but you can simplify and organize your way to a much easier way to do things.  The initial effort is worth it.


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