Today’s Journey Tarot Card of the Day 8-31-2020

8-31-20 Today’s Tarot is the Mother of Fire. We can all do whatever we set our minds to with confidence and commitment. This card is about creating your own success and confidence.

Teresa Sue McAdams


Today’s Journey Tarot Card of the Day 8-29-2020

8-29-20 Today’s Tarot is Key 7 Control. What are you thinking about right now? Hopefully it is something positive, nourishing, and uplifting, to define the day for you and others. It is your choice. This card is about mindfulness and control.

Teresa Sue McAdams

Today’s Journey Tarot Card of the Day 8-25-2020

8-25-20 Today’s Tarot is Key 15 Materialism. Never trust someone who tries to coerce you to do something that doesn’t feel right to you. They are not trying to help you, they are helping themselves. This card is about illusion and deception.

Teresa Sue McAdams

Today’s Journey Tarot September 2020 Forecast

ARIES – When in doubt, spend time with friends. They can straighten you out faster than anything because they know you so well and care about what happens to you. No one has better credentials.

TAURUS – In order to get anything done, you have to step in and take control. Waiting on others has not accomplished very much so far. You can do it so much better.

GEMINI – There are signs all around you that tell you which action to take. All you have to do is pay attention to people and events in your life to know what to do.

CANCER – The word for the month is de-stress. Play, relax, read a good book, take a nice walk in nature, visit with friends – for no reason at all. The world will still go on turning.

LEO – Chose to be a little unconventional. You don’t always have to do things according to what is usual or even recommended. It is exciting to be a little daring now and then.

VIRGO – Now might be a good time to start something new. Go back to school, take an art class or music lessons, or learn a new skill. It’s like you’ve been waiting for the right time. Why not make it now?

LIBRA – Think before you act is always good advice, but never more important than now. Really think things through and when you act, you’ll know it was for the best and then you can let it go.

SCORPIO – Sometimes it is easier to let others have their own way even when you know you are right. The time may come this month when you have to make that choice. Do what’s right.

SAGITTARIUS – Watch for emotional overloads and find positive ways to deal with frustration and delay. This whole year was designed to teach us patience and how to adjust to unexpected situations. They are a part of everyone’s life.

CAPRICORN – Worry is futile. Seek help from an expert instead. You aren’t meant to fix everything all by yourself. That is why there are so many of us on the planet.

AQUARIUS – It is never a good idea to get even with someone, because that never makes you even. It means you are now owed justice. Let it go. It is never worth the price you might have to pay.

PISCES – You need a change of scenery and a way out of your own head! A trip, even a short one, would be very good for you. It will energize and inspire you.

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide”, co-author of “Tarot Meditations, A Journal for Self-Discovery”, and author of “Lessons, The Wisdom Within Each Moment”