My Journey with the Tarot

My Journey with the Tarot

I started reading and studying the Tarot thirty years ago. Over those years, I’ve done it all; private readings, psychic fairs, lectures, demonstrations and ultimately teaching the Tarot to others. I love the cards and their ancient wisdom that resonates deeply with everything I believe. I have used several decks and collected others but always returned to the classic Waite deck because it seemed to express the concepts best. One of the things that became apparent to me though is that this deck is very dated. After all, the world was very different in 1910 when it was published. Some of the images frighten people because they have become associated with negative outcomes, such as the “Devil” card or “Death”. And many of my students complained that it was too tough to learn what the unfamiliar symbols on the cards represented. Oftentimes those that stuck with it ended up memorizing book meanings or my interpretations of the cards rather than actually interpreting for themselves, which limits the Tarot’s contribution to a reading. Just like any tool, it expresses the skill and knowledge of the one using it and having someone else tell you the meaning of a thing is quite different from learning on your own. I have often said through the years that there should be a deck that was easy to read and understand and yet still retained the symbolism of ancient archetypes to convey the esoteric meaning of each card to those who were using them. I also wondered why there were so many decks out there with a myriad of themes but nothing that addressed these truths in simple and direct language. I believe that truth doesn’t have to be hidden behind obscure symbolism. It should be available to all. It is only hidden when we make it hidden.

So when the opportunity came to be part of a group of friends who were designing a new Tarot deck I was thrilled to see if a modern deck depicting everyday life could offer everything an esoteric deck could. I think Today’s Journey Tarot does just that. When I show the cards to people who have never read before, they can instantly describe what is going on and what it may mean. Someone jumping off a cliff in a hand glider is probably a risk taker, someone who is independent and maybe a bit reckless. A girl sitting with her back to the pole of her mailbox, staring off down the road is waiting and must be patient until what she’s waiting for arrives. A woman in a fur coat admiring herself in a mirror could be somewhat self-absorbed or attached to material things. We can identify with the images and apply them to our own lives. Are we being too reckless in a situation? Should we wait a while and not act right now? Are we too worried about status quo and missing out on the simple joys of life? I believe this deck is an answer for all of the people who have been drawn to the Tarot cards and not been able to read them. This deck does not require memorization of 78 different cards and hundreds of symbols before you can begin using them. You don’t have to be trained in esoteric wisdom or learn the glyphs for ancient concepts. You just sit down and read – for yourself or for others and the common sense and beauty of the Tarot pours forth.


Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, a Traveler’s Guide”, author of “Lessons, the Wisdom Within Each Moment”


Today’s Journey Tarot June Muses Forecast





ARIES – Put your energy toward the future instead of the past. What’s done is done. Over. Finished. Move forward without a glance back.

TAURUS – It is always best to make choices based on what feels good to you rather than what someone else wants. Instead of running away, make your own decision.

GEMINI – Great improvements begin with a change in attitude. There is a lot of abundance flowing to you and opportunities for new or improved work conditions.

CANCER – Follow your instincts. They will lead you where you want to go and away from what you wish to avoid. Very important at this time.

LEO – It is time to learn something new. Shake things up a bit. Take a class, join a gym, sign up for singing lessons! You get the picture.

VIRGO – You know when something doesn’t feel right. Everything seems out of control. Someone around you may be influencing you in the wrong direction.

LIBRA – It always takes more hard work than we imagine to accomplish our goals. That’s just the way it is. Nothing comes easy this month, but it comes.

SCORPIO Replace your tendency to worry with relaxation instead. Everything’s okay and you will soon be given good news. Just breathe.

SAGITTARIUS – Pay attention this month. There is an opportunity coming that will lead you to the fulfillment of a dream. It is a gift.

CAPRICORN – There needs to be more balance in your life. Are you working too much? Maybe you are playing too much? Focus on keeping it more even.

AQUARIUS – You may have been feeling stuck in one place. Now is the time for you to take action to move things along. It has always been up to you.

PISCES – Time for some healing. You are avoiding something out of fear and that is all it is. There may be need for caution but not a complete withdrawal.


Teresa Sue McAdams

Today’s Journey Tarot Card of the Day 5-25-14

5-25-14 Today’s Tarot is the Youth of Air. It is the day to take a chance. Go for it. You are as ready as you’ll ever be. If it doesn’t work out, so be it. Try again or do something different. This card is about daring and independence.

Teresa Sue McAdams


Interpreting the Tarot

Reading Tarot cards is all about interpretation. There are as many ways to interpret the cards as there are readers. This is the way it is supposed to be. There is no single right or wrong interpretation or meaning of any particular card. They were designed to speak individually to all of us. There are only seventy eight cards but that limited number can address any life situation for any individual person.

The way the cards speak is through the language of symbology – pictures. The images on the cards engage each reader personally as she or he responds to the visual symbols subconsciously. We respond differently because we each have unique life experiences that make up our symbolic language dictionary that we carry around in our heads. We all have different preferences – likes and dislikes. Where did these come from? The symbol of a red rose is usually associated with passion and romance. But for someone highly allergic to roses, the image of a rose may not be a pleasant one. We all live in different environments and areas of the world where subtle differences frequently occur in language and traditions. So throughout our lifetime we develop associations to symbols based on what they mean to us.

Designers of Tarot decks have tried to capture symbolic language by using symbols that are more universal. Many decks depict that rose as a symbol of romance because it works that way for the majority of people. Some have created a symbolic world of their own that must be memorized before the cards can be read.

It is sometimes difficult to trust our own interpretation. We feel that we need an “authority” to tell us what each card means. But the best authority is your own instincts and experiences that awaken within you an intuitive understanding the moment your eyes absorb the pictures on a card. The power of the Tarot does not lie in the seventy eight pieces of cardboard that make up the deck. It lies within you.

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-author of Today’s Journey Tarot and Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide