The Deck

Artists and art lovers have known for centuries that imagery opens the mind. Pictures speak a multitude of words and also elicit emotional responses. They trigger within us a range of senses and create a union to the higher aspects of ourselves. The Tarot is based on this union, depicted in Key 6 of Today’s Journey Tarot.

The members of Expanding Dimensions have spent years studying the Tarot. They read professionally at psychic fairs, other events, and privately for clients. Members of the group have given lectures and taught Tarot classes to others. They realized that it would be possible to incorporate the traditional structure of the classic Tarot into modern depictions that would be easily understood and yet retain the union integral to the process. With this realization they began to create Today’s Journey Tarot. It is easy to relate to the contemporary symbolism of this deck without struggling to understand the esoteric ideology. This leads to an illumination of the decisions needed for the future, a better perception of the present, and an understanding of the influences from the past.

If you have ever been stuck in traffic wondering if it would be better to take the next exit or stay where you are, you can read this Tarot. If you have ever known a child obsessed with video games, you can read this Tarot. If you have ever enjoyed a barbecue with friends or been worried about bills, you can read Today’s Journey Tarot.

Every day experiences come alive with the power of archetypal imagery. The deck of seventy eight cards includes the twenty two Keys, traditionally depicted as the major arcana. The remaining fifty six cards or minor arcana are divided into four suits comprised of the Elements; Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Included within each Element is a family unit of Child, Youth, Mother, and Father. Today’s Journey Tarot represents the true essence of the Tarot; spiritual enlightenment, transformation, and discovery as humanity expands into new dimensions.

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