Today’s Journey Tarot Card of the Day 4-15, 16, 17, 18-2019

4-15-19 Today’s Tarot is the Ten of Earth. Learn from the past. Seek the wisdom of someone with more experience than you. There is value in their experience. This card is about cycles of life and the bounty of wisdom.

Ten of Earth

4-16-19 Today’s Tarot is the Six of Air. Try to see today as more of an adventure than an obligation. What you expect is usually the type of day you’ll have. This card is about new beginnings and renewal.

six of air

4-17-19 Today’s Tarot is Key 4 Law. Accept things as they are. They can be no different, even if you don’t like them. The sooner you do, the sooner your suffering stops. This card is about order and acceptance.

card 4

4-18-19 Today’s Tarot is the Nine of Air. Worry is a trap of the mind. Once it starts, it eventually takes your life from you. Replace worry with positive action. Find the solutions that are always present. This card is about worry and being trapped by the mind.

Teresa Sue McAdams

nine of air

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