Today’s Journey Tarot Symbolism from “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide” Father of Earth

The Father of Earth shows a rancher standing at the top of a long stone staircase looking out over all he owns. There are snow covered mountains, trees, and horse barns. Horses are making their way to the pasture. His hands are on his hips.  He wears green and blue with cowboy boots and spurs. The Father of Earth has built his domain through his own hard work and sacrifice. His pose suggests he is well satisfied with what he sees. He takes what the Earth has to offer but gives back equally so there is never a shortage of resources. Like the mountains, what he has built will endure for generations. This card shows how we cultivate abundance in our lives. Respect the source, the Earth, and never take more than needed or take by unscrupulous means. Then replace what was taken by giving back in equal share. This ensures stability, endurance, and continued growth. The staircase represents his climb to the top. Snow represents the purity of his intent. He wears green to signify his connection to the Earth and prosperity. Blue suggests he finds peace in what he does. Spurs represent the motivation to prosper.

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide”, co-author of “Tarot Meditations, A Journal for Self Discovery”, and author of “Lessons, The Wisdom Within Each Moment”

father of earth


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