Today’s February Tarot 2019 Forecast


ARIES – Pay attention this month. There may be some special opportunities in store for you. This could include a trip and seems to be associated with a particular person. So you may be invited somewhere unexpectedly. Do not be too quick to turn this down. There are advantages to spontaneity at times.

TAURUS – Rest and recharging is just as important as getting things done. Imagine how behind you’d get if you were incapacitated in some way because you tried to keep going long after you should have stopped. Take some time out. Now, not later. You will accomplish more in the long run.

GEMINI – Something needs to be ended. You’ve stayed too long. Since we do not like change, we often hide from the endings of things. We keep things far too long. If you are not using something or no longer getting benefit from something or someone, it is time to let it go and make room for something new.

CANCER – We all have bad days. Sometimes there’s nothing we can do to change things. But we always have the ability to change our attitude about things. Bad days happen. They always will. It is amazing how shocked we are when we have a bad day, as if it had never happened before. It is not the bad day that gets us down, it is our reaction to it.

LEO – Helping others can sometimes seem like a complicated problem. Who really need help? Who is just taking advantage? If your motivation is pure – to help others – it really doesn’t matter who or how. It is not so much the gift and if it is deserving or not, it is the act of giving. It is about you, not them. Just give without expectations.

VIRGO – Every once in a while we need to retreat and reflect. We need time to ground ourselves or expand our minds. It is not selfish to do this. It is essential and it provides much needed self-nourishing. So take a few minutes, a day, or longer if possible and just withdraw from the demands of everyday life.

LIBRA – You may have to think differently to come to a conclusion. Tossing around the same ideas in your head over and over does not lead you anywhere. A new opinion, a fresh approach or putting the issue aside completely for a while may open you up to a solution.

SCORPIO – Do not grieve too long over a missed opportunity. It could be that there was always something better waiting for you. If it’s meant to be yours, it will be. If not, there is nothing you can do to make it yours – not really. It may seem to be, but it won’t last. Move on.

SAGITTARIUS – Handle unexpected surprises with patience and love. Do not be thrown off by something you didn’t expect. Always turn your attention to others. How can you assist them? What can you do for them? It will take your focus off of your own issues and they may magically disappear.

CAPRICORN – Spending time with people we know nourishes us in many ways. Whether it is family, friends or co-workers, the people in our lives are all there for a reason and they all enhance our lives. Seeing them in this way can enrich our time with them and deflect problems that might occur.

AQUARIUS – It really doesn’t matter what someone else does to you. It matters how you respond. Karma is universal and takes care of itself. You don’t have to do a thing but let go. Anger and revenge will cause much more Karma for you, not someone else.

PISCES – Make a major decision this month by considering all sides carefully. It‘s not just about what’s best for you. All the decisions we make affect others as well. The main consideration is whether you keep going the way you are or change directions. How will that impact those around you?  Do the best you can to do no harm.

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide”, co-author of “Tarot Meditations, A Journal for Self Discovery”, and author of “Lessons, The Wisdom Within Each Moment”



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