Today’s Journey Tarot Symbolism from “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide” Mother of Air

The Mother of Air shows a judge sitting at her courtroom bench. She looks at us the same way as the golden raptor at the large window looks into the scene. She wears a yellow collar, black robe, and has her arms crossed in front of her. The wood surrounding her has a purple cast. She sits in a high back black leather chair. There is an American flag behind her. This card represents hard facts not swayed by emotion. There are times when we need to understand the truth of a situation so we can deal with it and then move on. The Mother of Air always sees the truth and cannot be fooled or persuaded from it. She can be perceived as cold and hard but that is her job. Sometimes when the truth is staring us right in the face we are too emotionally involved to see it. A judge must weigh only the facts and then make a decision. The raptor symbolizes the ability to see every detail. Like her, nothing escapes its gaze. The window suggests she sees the world in the same way she does the courtroom. The yellow collar represents her sharp intellect and the black robe and crossed arms protect her from unwanted emotion. Purple, the color of mastery surrounds her. The chair supports her control. The flag is a source of pride and inspiration, strength and unity.

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide”, co-author of “Tarot Meditations, A Journal for Self Discovery”, and author of “Lessons, The Wisdom Within Each Moment”

Mother of Air

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