Today’s Journey Tarot August 2017 Forecast


ARIES – Be careful not to isolate yourself too much this month. There is a tendency to withdrawal. You need companionship and the stimulation that others bring to get you through a low period quickly.

TAURUS – A lot of nurturing is required of you this month. Give all you can, but do not get drawn into someone else’s drama. Stay positive and suggest positive activities and solutions. Then take time out for your own needs.

GEMINI– Try to find a new way to cope with problems other than worrying about them. Worrying wastes your time and energy. Be creative. Put them (mentally) in a box and take them out one by one to be dealt with. Don’t peek into the box!

CANCER – Burning the candle at both ends will not create more light. The candle just burns out quickly and energy has been wasted, leaving you disappointed. Slow down. Savor each moment. There’s so much pleasure in simple things.

LEO – Be open minded this month. Try to see another point of view. It’s okay if you don’t agree or don’t change your mind, but it seems important to allow someone else their say. You may need this information another time.

VIRGO – Giving to others is the best way to distract you from your own problems. Look for ways to be helpful. Make it your project this month. It will positively transform your life and somehow create new opportunities in every area.

LIBRA – It is important to remember that the truth always come out. Try as we might, we just aren’t creatures who can keep secrets and the cost of trying to is much too high.  It would be best to just be truthful in the first place.

SCORPIO – Turn disappointments into opportunities. They are actually guides toward the way you should proceed. There is a lot to be learned from so called failure. Meditate on the events and what you’ve learned from them.

SAGITTARIUS – If you want to shed light onto a subject, it pays to go to an expert. Consult with someone who can give you the answers you need. Waiting for the answers to drop into your lap is not very efficient, since it is not likely to happen.

CAPRICORN – Time to make a choice. Either way provides security but you may want to consider the challenges (both good and bad) to your life and what you really want. This looks like an opportunity to really shake things up.

AQUARIUS – Very positive cards for this month. Success and moving forward to a new adventure is the theme. Go with the flow and see where it might lead. It looks like others will be going along with you. You are the leader in this adventure.

PISCES – Keep working toward your goals. You may not see the growth but you have made a lot of progress. Keep reminding yourself of what you have accomplished and how much better things are now than they used to be. Be your own cheerleader!

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide”, co-author of “Tarot Meditations, A Journal for Self Discovery”, and author of “Lessons, The Wisdom Within Each Moment”



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