Today’s Journey Tarot Father of Water – King of Cups

The traditional depiction of the King of Cups shows a king on his throne, floating on rolling waves. He holds a cup and a scepter. In the background a fish jumps out of the water and a red ship rides the waves. The King of Cups is an emotionally grounded man. He is peaceful and balanced, creative and spiritual. He could be a healer or a teacher. Today’s Journey Tarot’s Father of Water has these same qualities. In the updated version, he is a dolphin rescue worker sitting on a dock that stretches out over the sea. He is feeding a dolphin that rises up out of the water to greet him. The Father’s emotional maturity allows him to feel comfortable surround by water, the element of emotions, as he tends to the needs of the dolphin. In fact, his feet in the water symbolize his understanding of the emotional needs of others and willingness to share his emotions as well.

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide”, co-author of “Tarot Meditations, A Journal for Self Discovery”, and author of “Lessons, The Wisdom Within Each Moment”

Father of Water


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