Today’s Journey Tarot November Monthly Muses


ARIES – Just go with the flow this month. It may seem like one thing after another demands your time. It is just life happening and it will get easier soon.

TAURUS – If it makes you happy, do it. If it doesn’t, leave it alone. Follow your own intuition and do not be coerced into something you know you don’t want.

GEMINI – Listen and pay attention. There are messages come through loud and clear if you can let yourself hear them.

CANCER – Gently share what you know with someone who seems to be floundering. They will appreciate your wisdom and you will make a new friend.

LEO – Sometimes we are so busy, we can’t see what’s going on right in front of us. Take some time this month for yourself. Relax, regroup.

VIRGO – There should be nothing stopping you this month. You’ve got the green light all the way. Take advantage of this positive energy!

LIBRA – Don’t try to get even. Whatever you feel, allow the Universe to administer its own justice. Free yourself of any bad feelings.

SCORPIO We can’t always see the results clearly beforehand. What we can do is resolve to accept what happens and make the best of it.

SAGITTARIUS – No sense in avoiding a choice that needs to be made. It will still be there waiting until it is resolved. Just go ahead and choose.

CAPRICORN – Romance is in the air. Great time to celebrate successful relationships and recognize the hard work you do to create them. Enjoy.

AQUARIUS – Tell the truth, even if it hurts a bit. Something is about to be revealed and you want to be on the right side of it.

PISCES – Prosperous month coming up. You should be able to make great progress in accomplishing goals or starting new projects.

Teresa Sue McAdams

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