Today’s Journey Tarot October Muses Forecast


ARIES – Cultivate your talent. Do something this month to enhance your skills. It could be a money maker or just for your own satisfaction.

TAURUS – Do not second guess yourself. Whatever choices you have made in the past are in the past. Keep moving forward rather than looking back.

GEMINI – Your work may be done and it is time now to move on to something new. Analyze where you are right now. Be honest with yourself.

CANCER – Focus your attention on what is going on around you. There is an opportunity to fulfill one of your goals. Pay attention to the signs.

LEO – Do not isolate yourself. Do something for somebody else. It is the best way to make yourself feel better.

VIRGO – Where is your energy going? Direct it toward creative and positive thoughts and ideas rather than wasting in unproductively.

LIBRA – Don’t worry. Everything is beginning to take shape and balance out this month. It is only a matter of a little more time.

SCORPIO If you are not confident with the answers you have been given, seek another source of information or assistance. There is always another way.

SAGITTARIUS – Do not give in to impulses. Think carefully before you act. At least consider the consequences and whether it is worth it.

CAPRICORN – You need more information before a decision can be reached. Seek out someone with the answers or search deeper within yourself. Confidence is lacking.

AQUARIUS – Just pick yourself up and start again. It is only life going on as usual, not the end of the world. Learn from your experiences. That is all they are for.

PISCES – Do not worry if others do not seem to understand what you are doing. Just follow your own heart and do what makes you happy!

Teresa Sue McAdams


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