Today’s Journey Tarot Nines

The Nines from Today’s Journey Tarot are all cards indicating the end of a cycle. The Nine is the third cycle of three in the Element cards and are the culmination of the past efforts of the previous cards – their challenges and triumphs. Depending on the influence of the Element these cards reflect what we have accomplished – either good or not so good.

The Nine of Fire shows a gated community. We are looking through the locked front gate. This community is designed for protection. The fence and gate keep out those who do not belong and would allegedly do harm to the inhabitants. The energy and passion of the Fire Element is intense in its defensive strength just as it is in everything else. The gated community is supposed to be a place of safety but the caution here is that it also can create a place of isolation. It can manifest as a prison of fear. We don’t have to live in this community to isolate ourselves because of our fears or overreact to a supposed threat to our position, property, or lives. The Nine of Water shows the grown up dreamer from the Seven of Water. He is now captain of his ship and has the opportunity to live out his dreams. He is enjoying the pleasures of his emotional commitment to fulfill his dreams. With that childhood fulfillment comes a childlike enjoyment of true delight. The Water Element, directed and nourished as confidence has helped him realize his goals. The Nine of Air shows a woman sitting at her kitchen table with her head thrown back in despair. She has bills spread out before her and it is obvious she has been here all night. There is a caged bird beside her. The Air Element’s overwhelming thoughts of worry can take control of our lives. This woman has created a difficult situation for herself. What she has manifested has trapped her like the bird in the cage – she thinks. But it is not the bills that are the trap; it is her uncontrolled thoughts that bring up every possible fearful scenario instead of solutions to her financial woes. We all worry, but worry does not accomplish anything. It feeds on itself until there is no room in our mind for productive resolutions to our problems. There is a solution to every problem if we just free our minds from worried clutter and allow the creative process to begin again. The Nine of Earth shows a prosperous equestrian gently stroking her horse’s mane. There is an abundance of tall grass surrounding them. The reward for this woman’s efforts is prosperity. She has the enjoyment, security, and independence of what she has earned. If we work in harmony with the Earth Element everything that it has to offer can be ours. Her path to get to this point has been steady and sure and now she can enjoy the rewards and share them with the earth by her loving care and attention to one of the Earth’s most beautiful creatures.


Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide”, author of “Lessons: The Wisdom Within Each Moment”

nine of firenine of waternine of airnine of earth

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