Today’s Journey Tarot August Muses Forecast


ARIES – Someone around you needs some special care right now. They look to you for guidance and you have that to give. Share how you feel.

TAURUS – It may take some hard work to get to the truth of a situation – some soul searching as well. But it is necessary for you to move forward, without baggage you won’t want.

GEMINI – An attitude of playfulness would be helpful in getting things done this month. There’s always something to take care of, why not do it for fun instead of work?

CANCER – All relationships are risky. You never know what someone else is going to do. That is not a good enough reason not to take a chance on what could be a great partnership.

LEO – It may be necessary to make some changes if you are not getting the recognition you deserve. It won’t come from out there. You must first acknowledge yourself.

VIRGO – During periods of change you must remember to nurture yourself. A lot of energy is flowing out and it needs to be recharged. You have the strength within.

LIBRA – Follow your heart instead of your head this month. It will lead you to the exciting new prospect you’ve been looking for.

SCORPIO It’s your turn. Good things begin to manifest for you! Do not stop the flow with doubts or disbelief. Let it happen.

SAGITTARIUS – Your thoughts are scattered because you do not trust them. Turn your energy toward taking control of your thoughts instead of letting them control you.

CAPRICORN – It is time to start a new path, begin a new journey, or get a new perspective. Do some research and figure out what would bring more happiness to your life.

AQUARIUS – Manifest through joy, not fear. What you need comes to you when you no longer have any doubts that you deserve it.

PISCES – Where is your focus? If you are constantly looking back, that is where you will reside. Chose to move forward. Let go of what is no longer relevant to your life.


Teresa Sue McAdams


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