Today’s Journey Taot – Ones

The Ones from the Today Journey Tarot deck represent the ultimate expression of each of the Elements. We call these cards Ones instead of Aces, as in traditional decks, because Today’s Journey Tarot is designed to peel away layers of symbolism and refer to the cards and their meanings in the clearest and simplest terms. The suit names have been reduced to the Elements that influence them; Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Fire represents energy, strength, passion and drive. Water represents the emotions – from the base to the profound. Air represents the mind, intellect, and knowledge. Earth represents growth, stability, abundance and endurance. Each of the cards of the suit is governed by these characteristics in one way or another.                                                                         

The Ones all have some things in common. They can represent powerful new beginnings, but depending on the suit, the beginning is in different areas of life. The One of Fire for example, which shows the sun’s powerful energy, symbolizes a beginning with a great deal of passion and creativity. Because the Fire energy is so volatile, this beginning could require strength to control and stamina to maintain. The One of Water shows the sea in many forms – from calm to stormy. It is an emotional beginning that could offer new awareness and understanding. However this depth of emotion may also require soul searching and self-analysis – which can be illuminating or devastating. The One of Air shows sea oats on a beach being tossed around by the wind. Our thoughts sometimes play that same game with us. This new beginning could come from a new idea, a new truth or clarification of information that makes it possible to begin. We have to direct our thoughts in ways that sustain this beginning rather than let doubts or fears sabotage what we have created. The One of Earth shows our beautiful planet seemingly floating in the magnetosphere. Whatever is begun under its influence will be as enduring as the Earth itself. It assures abundance and growth will come with this new beginning.

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, a Traveler’s Guide” and author of “Lessons, the Wisdom Within Each Moment”


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