Today’s Journey Tarot – A Labor of Love

I fell in love with the Tarot on August 25, 1981. That day I went to a lady’s house for my very first Tarot reading. When she pulled out her deck and started the reading I was captivated by the images on those cards. I don’t remember now what she said to me but I can still remember very clearly how the cards looked as she laid them out on her desk. Within weeks I was taking classes to learn how to read the Tarot. As I look back on these last thirty years with the Tarot I think it was inevitable that I would become involved in creating a deck. I have studied it, taught it, read with it, meditated on it and learned, learned, learned from it. Today’s Journey Tarot came out of an idea to learn more about the concepts expressed in the Tarot by conveying those ideas in a contemporary way. There are five of us who toiled together over eight years to give a fresh voice to this tool of enlightenment. We had highs and lows. We struggled and triumphed. There were times when we questioned if we should continue. But always there was the Tarot, leading us and guiding us and never wavering from its encouragement. I think we all feel blessed by the experience and humbly grateful for the opportunity to see our work in print. It was a labor of love

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, a Traveler’s Guide” and author of “Lessons, the Wisdom Within Each Moment”.

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