Today’s Journey Tarot June Muses Forecast





ARIES – Put your energy toward the future instead of the past. What’s done is done. Over. Finished. Move forward without a glance back.

TAURUS – It is always best to make choices based on what feels good to you rather than what someone else wants. Instead of running away, make your own decision.

GEMINI – Great improvements begin with a change in attitude. There is a lot of abundance flowing to you and opportunities for new or improved work conditions.

CANCER – Follow your instincts. They will lead you where you want to go and away from what you wish to avoid. Very important at this time.

LEO – It is time to learn something new. Shake things up a bit. Take a class, join a gym, sign up for singing lessons! You get the picture.

VIRGO – You know when something doesn’t feel right. Everything seems out of control. Someone around you may be influencing you in the wrong direction.

LIBRA – It always takes more hard work than we imagine to accomplish our goals. That’s just the way it is. Nothing comes easy this month, but it comes.

SCORPIO Replace your tendency to worry with relaxation instead. Everything’s okay and you will soon be given good news. Just breathe.

SAGITTARIUS – Pay attention this month. There is an opportunity coming that will lead you to the fulfillment of a dream. It is a gift.

CAPRICORN – There needs to be more balance in your life. Are you working too much? Maybe you are playing too much? Focus on keeping it more even.

AQUARIUS – You may have been feeling stuck in one place. Now is the time for you to take action to move things along. It has always been up to you.

PISCES – Time for some healing. You are avoiding something out of fear and that is all it is. There may be need for caution but not a complete withdrawal.


Teresa Sue McAdams

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