Today’s Journey Tarot Eights

The Eights from the Today’s Journey Tarot deck are all cards of mastery and accomplishment. They are the completions and results of the challenges begun in the Sevens. These challenges are met with strength, satisfaction, despair, or skill depending on the Element at work here. Because they are double Fours they represent another foundation we have built for ourselves. This foundation is very solid and lasting.

In the Eight of Fire the entire card is filled with images of fireworks. For many of us this is one of the largest displays of energy we will ever see. The intensity of the Seven has increased many times. It is a chance to utilize that energy – seize the moment – to accomplish great things now because this concentration of energy will quickly burn out. Recognizing the opportunity through all of the Fire Element’s chaotic power is still a challenge but it is time now to seize control and tame the wild beast. The Eight of Water shows an artist who has just completed a work and with his back to his painting, is putting away his tools. This card is about knowing when something is finished. The Eights offer accomplishment but the Water Element often makes us reluctant to let go to the point that little is accomplished. The artist has done all that he can do and he is satisfied with that aspect of his work – even if the work itself falls short. He knows when it is time to move on. There is no emotional attachment. The child from the Seven has grown up with emotional mastery. The Eight of Air shows a woman overcome by fear to the point that she has created a self-imposed prison. There are multiple locks on her door and she huddles up on a brown couch with no awareness of the world beyond her window. Fear and despair are accomplishments too. This woman has mastered the art of fear. Very few could do it better. The true mastery here is over the Air Element’s destructive thoughts, but first she must become aware of that option. The challenges of the Seven have left her confused and doubtful of her own ability to participate in life. This is not a solid foundation that anyone would want to endure. The Eight of Earth shows an artisan at work. He is a master jeweler who has honed his skill through hours of practice and hard work. The patience of the Seven has paid off and he now uses the Earth Element to create pieces of beauty. He has a career to be proud of that will sustain him throughout his life.

Teresa Sue McAdams co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide”, and author of “Lessons, The Wisdom Within Each Moment”Eight of Fireeight of watereight of aireight of earth

Today’s Journey Tarot Sevens

The Sevens from Today’s Journey Tarot represent a new challenge. This challenge is different from the ones thrust upon us in the Fives. The Sevens all express something that we have chosen to overcome or tackle in order to evolve as a person. These cards are often very spiritual in nature. The Element determines the nature of the challenge.

The Seven of Fire shows an entertainer walking the red carpet into an event. There are photographers and paparazzi lining both sides of the carpet flashing pictures and sticking microphones out for any bit of information they can gather. Although he has a smile plastered on his face and he waves to the crowd, this is obviously a stressful situation. The Fire Element here is churning up the energy and intensity. When we choose a career or path in life, no matter what it is, there are expectations. The Seven suggests that it is time to stop struggling and overcome our resistance to this pressure. Resistance only adds fuel to the Fire. The Seven of Water shows a little boy pretending to be the captain of his own ship. The challenge here is emotional. We must believe in ourselves to make our dreams come true. This element is often missing from our plans. In the Seven of Water the child has no doubt that he will achieve this dream – and he does in the Nine of Water. We have to overcome our fear of failure to realize our goals. We have to believe it as strongly as we did when we were children. The Seven of Air shows two young men in an examination room. One is cheating off of the other. How are we going to achieve success in life? Are we going to borrow it, steal it, or create it for ourselves? The Air Element is intellectual. If we do not learn for ourselves then have we really learned? Will we ever be successful riding on the coattails of someone else’s achievement? These are all good questions. The Seven of Air says that it is time to find the answers to what kind of man or woman you want to be. The Seven of Earth show a young woman waiting patiently at a mailbox. We don’t know what she’s waiting for but the Earth Element suggests that it is vital to her future accomplishment. All in good time. That is what this card is saying. We do what we can and then we wait for the results. Sometimes those results take minutes and sometimes they take years. The lesson with this card is that we can wait. It may involve setting long term goals or investing now for a far off objective. In the meantime we live our lives and continuously plant new seeds so that the rewards become continuous.

Teresa Sue McAdams, co-creator of “Today’s Journey Tarot”, co-author of “Today’s Journey Tarot, A Traveler’s Guide”, author of “Lessons, The Wisdom Within Each Moment”

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